We're (almost) back in business!

We're (almost) back in business!

We're (almost) back in business!

We have exciting news to share with you, and thank you all for your patience and understanding during these difficult times. We hope this post finds you and loved ones safe and healthy.  

Before we announce our exciting news, we'd like to provide you with an update - to all of our customers patiently waiting for the next production batch of Raspberry Pomegranate; this one is for you! We have added all existing and new orders to our growing waitlist. As soon as we're up and running, we will produce a batch of Raspberry Pomegranate and immediately begin fulfilling all orders in the order that they were received. We have been in communication with many of you; again, we greatly appreciate your support and patience. 

Over a year ago, we decided that to maintain our commitment to quality and always have super-fresh batches on hand, we needed to move production in-house. Today, we are in the last phase of the opening of our new state-of-the-art production line.  

So, what's the current cause of the delay? A lack of POWER. The equipment used in the production of 4 Purpose Energy uses quite a bit of power, so much so that an additional 800-AMP power service is needed. To install the new power service, the utility company needs to put in two new electrical poles along with a pad-mounted transformer. Although this sounds relatively straightforward, this process involves quite a bit of paperwork and requires approval from the local town officials and inspectors, a process that has been primarily slowed down because of the COVID-19 situation. As soon as the installation is complete, we should receive the final green light from the health department and the remaining certifying organizations to be able to start producing your delicious drinks. Our goal is to get all orders fulfilled as soon as possible and by the end of 2020. 

Aside from the lack of power to run all of our equipment, everything else is in place. We have a quarter of a million just-manufactured empty can bodies and ends on hand, and our ingredient suppliers are on standby, prepared to provide fresh ingredients as soon as we are ready. We cannot wait to get the process started!

More exciting news:

Our new facility will allow us to improve our packaging to reduce our carbon footprint even further. We are experimenting with a new form of packaging that will better hold cans together, minimize potential spillage, and eliminate the cardboard trays. 4 Purpose Energy will be made available in case quantity options of 6, 12, and 24 cans. Lastly, once we start production, we will be unveiling our new long-awaited flavor, so if you are a fan of our signature Raspberry Pomegranate flavor, you are going to love this one.

Again, a big thank you to all of our existing customers who are patiently waiting for us to start crafting fresh batches; we are hard at work, doing everything we can to speed up this process. With this behind us, we will never again have a disruption in our ability to fulfill your orders.

Cheers, and don't forget to live life with a purpose!


The 4 Purpose Energy Team