The Difference Of One

The Difference Of One

The Difference Of One

One idea and a team of hard-working ordinary people working together to create extraordinary change has led us to this month's celebration of one year in business!

4 Purpose Energy’s organic energy drinks started out as a simple idea: to craft the world’s best tasting organic energy drinks using real ingredients and with our consumers' health in mind. While formulating the drinks, our organic energy drinks’ purpose became making education accessible to children around the world. Education is a fundamental human right, and through the sale of our drinks, 10 cents from every can sold is making our goal a reality. To date, we have raised over $4,000 toward our first campaign.

One year ago, we ran our first production and took delivery of our delicious and refreshing raspberry pomegranate organic energy drinks. Today, our drink can be found in the following states: Rhode Island, New York, Maine, North Dakota, and Massachusetts (in over 400 locations around Boston!). We have also been able to connect with and ship our drinks to hundreds of incredible customers across the United States through our website and Amazon.

Our Friends From Bitty BeanNone of this would be possible without YOU! From the start, you have believed in us, trusted us, and continued to be a loyal customer. Over the course of this year, we have had the privilege of getting to know some of you, consumers, store owners, and industry experts. We have also met and gathered feedback from thousands of people through sampling events, social media, and email submissions. One thing is clear, people love the taste of our drink and what we stand for. The proof is in our can. It is the reason why we see online customers reordering after first trying our sampler box, why store owners are offering us sacred shelf space, and why our friends over at Bitty Bean in Bismarck, ND, inventors of the popular 4 Purpose Energy Fusion, recently took delivery of their first pallet. These experiences and interactions steer us towards the unthinkable. We are driven by transparency and our founding principle of living life with a purpose.


Together, we are making a difference. Together, we will create a better tomorrow.


Cheers to you,


The 4 Purpose Energy Team