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Honest Reviews: A Great Tasting Organic Energy Drink

Posted on November 28 2016

If you have never yet had the opportunity to indulge in a refreshing raspberry pomegranate 4 Purpose Energy™ drink you are probably wondering how great it tastes. If you ask us, we think it tastes better than any drink on the market period. However, we might be a little biased when it comes to 4 Purpose Energy™, so that’s why we wanted to share with you what others are saying about our drink. From college students to professionals, everybody is loving our drink. Here is why. 


Our first review comes from Donald, a college student from Texas, who has contributed to our campaign to build a school for kids by choosing 4 Purpose Energy™. Donald is a repeat customer and literally loves our drink! Donald, if you’re reading this, we want to thank you for your continued support! 


Our second review comes from a friend and very genuine Youtuber, Jordan Taylor. Jordan leads a health-conscious life and was very skeptical about energy drinks until he tried ours. What he really likes about our drink, besides the refreshing taste, is the fact that he can read and understand the ingredients! He recently made a video where he tried and ranked various energy drink brands. 4 Purpose Energy ranked first! Thank you Jordan for your support!



Our third review comes from Ashlee, a young professional from Massachusetts. Here is what she said: “Your drink is amazing. It got me though my afternoon with no crash. I am going to share it with my friends and family!” Thank you Ashlee, we really appreciate the support.


Here is what Sheila, one of our loyal Amazon customers, had to say about our drink: "I was looking for a tasty refreshing drink that is the most healthy version of an energy drink. I'm fairly picky what goes into my body and did my research before purchase. Not only is this organic, it's clean energy without the gitters. Very cool they give money back to needy kids for education too. 5 Stars *****” 


Vijay, another of our loyal Amazon customers, wrote: “tastes great, feels more refreshing than other caffeinated drinks, and working towards an amazing goal!” 


We are excited to see how much people are liking our drink! We love getting feedback, and appreciate the support. Every can sold, we donate 10 cents to our campaign to build a school for children through Pencils of Promise. To date, we have raised over  $582. By choosing 4 Purpose Energy™, you are directly contributing towards making this a reality. 

Try 4 Purpose Energy™ Today!


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