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Breaking Beyond 1,000+ Cans

Breaking Beyond 1,000+ Cans

Breaking Beyond 1,000+ Cans

It’s been exactly one month since we received our first delivery of 4 Purpose Energy™! Since then, our cans have traveled across the United States to be enjoyed by hundreds of different people, are found on shelves in select stores south of Boston, and can now be purchased in a 3-pack and a 24-pack.


The Care Package is the perfect way to sample 4 Purpose Energy™!


It’s fun to continue to meet passionate store owners and connect with new fans of 4 Purpose Energy™. We have also sucessfully launched our college ambassador program to help spread the word across college campuses. We are still accepting applications. Interested college students can e-mail us at to apply.

To date, we have sold over 2,500 cans, which means we have raised $250+ towards our $35,000 campaign to build a school through Pencils of Promise. By choosing 4 Purpose Energy™, each of you make a direct impact on the futures of thousands of children. Make it your purpose, drink 4 Purpose Energy™!

This coming month, you will be able to start finding 4 Purpose Energy™ on store shelves in Boston.


Brad & Jen are two super competent truck drivers who were a pleasure to work with! We were very lucky to have them deliver our first batch.


Here’s a throwback to our first shipment of 4 Purpose Energy™. Our awesome truck drivers, Brad and Jen, delivered a full 18-wheeler. It was an unreal experience.

We want to thank our friends and family who came out and helped us unload.

For more cool pictures, be sure to follow us on Instagram @4 Purpose Energy.