Drinks Don't Change Lives, The People Who Drink Them Do

Drinks Don't Change Lives, The People Who Drink Them Do

Drinks Don't Change Lives, The People Who Drink Them Do

If you venture into the North-Western region of Thailand, deep in the luscious tropical Thai jungles, you will find Sun, his family, and a growing village population of over 300 people and 20 elephants, all of whom call this place home. These individuals make up the Karen Village Tribe. In September 2018, we were fortunate enough to be invited into this village for an unforgettable dreamlike experience where we learned about the history of this village, the people, and the elephants —who are, and have been, an integral part of the tribe for centuries—, and had a taste of what their village life is like. The people of this village live closely with nature, relying on the food they grow and the livestock they raise. In addition to tending to themselves, 15% of the village population is responsible for growing enough bananas to maintain their biggest mammal residents: the elephants. 

While visiting the village, we befriended Sun. Sun is one of the first of three people from this village to have attended and graduated from college. After graduation, Sun returned back to his village with his wife, Ngi the village’s second college graduate. Both Sun and Ngi have committed their lives toward improving the lives of their neighbors and fellow village residents, especially focusing on the future generations. Just as we believe, Sun considers that a better tomorrow starts with access to a quality education. Education unlocks the potential of children and allows their big dreams to become a reality. Further, educated children from the village can return to their home as accomplished adults and help the village develop and grow even further. 4 Purpose Energy stands for this mission exactly: we want to provide kids with access to education so that they can become active members of their communities and change the world for the better. Education is the first step to positive change. Thus, we have partnered with Sun and committed to transfer part of the proceeds from our ‘10-cents-for-every-can-sold’ campaign to Sun to distribute to the village kids. Part of that money will eventually fund the village’s first library and study space.

We are beyond excited to be partnering with the Karen Tribe of the North-Western part of Thailand, and are happy to share the following photo with you: these are the kids of the future generation of the Karen Village Tribe that we are proud to support. 

The Karen Village Tribe

With your support, each can of 4 Purpose Energy sold will continue to help make education more accessible to kids around the world. 

Cheers to changing the world one can at a time,

The 4 Purpose Energy Team