4 Purpose Energy On The Rise: February & March 2017

4 Purpose Energy On The Rise: February & March 2017

4 Purpose Energy On The Rise: February & March 2017

It’s been two busy month here at 4 Purpose Energy. We are continuing to grow rapidly, and are about to celebrate half a year in business! In February, we reached our first milestone of 10,000 cans sold and $1,000 raised toward our campaign to build a school. We are also excited to report that 4 Purpose Energy is now available in over 165 retail locations in Massachusetts, three locations in New York, at Bitty Bean in North Dakota, and are fueling students at Brandeis University. This means that your new favorite organic energy drink is now available on store shelves near you! (And, if it’s not, message us and let’s make it happen!)

As you probably know already, our mission is to help make education more accessible to children around the world. For our first campaign, we are raising $35,000 to build a school through an awesome organization called Pencils of Promise. To date, we have raise over $1,625 toward the construction of a new school! Whether you shop online or in stores, you can proudly say that you are contributing to a better tomorrow by choosing 4 Purpose Energy.

By the end of this month, 4 Purpose Energy will be crossing border lines into the ocean state of Rhode Island. To our supporters living in Rhode Island, we will be working hard to make 4 Purpose Energy available for purchase in stores across your home state! 

We also want to share with you what goes behind the scenes at 4 Purpose Energy. So be on the lookout for some awesome videos that we will be sharing regularly on our Facebook page and publishing on our Youtube channel. To mark the start of our Youtube videos, here is our first video featuring a can reveal of 4 Purpose Energy. For those of you on Reddit, you might have seen a post featuring clear balls that became invisible when submerged in water. What better way to test this experiment, we thought, than with a 4 Purpose Energy can! We did it, and it looks awesome. Like it and share it with you friends!

Please continue to send in your reactions, photos, snaps, instagram pictures, and tweets. Whether it’s a picture of you enjoying a can of our refreshing raspberry pomegranate organic energy drink or feedback on how 4 Purpose Energy is helping alleviate your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms, we love reviewing your comments, so keep them coming! We might also select your picture to be featured on our social media!

Cheers to Your Health,

The 4 Purpose Energy Team