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April 2017: Spring Is Here

April 2017: Spring Is Here

April 2017: Spring Is Here

Three months ago, Beacon Capitol Market in Boston was really on the fence about carrying 4 Purpose Energy. Earlier today, that same store reordered their second round of cases. After trying our carefully crafted drink out for himself, the store owner could not believe that an energy drink could taste this good.Long story short, he gave us a shot and today he is not only happy to see that customers are picking up cans but is also proud to offer 4 Purpose Energy.

That story is not unique, and we appreciate stores believing in our mission and giving us the opportunity to grow. To them, to you, we say thank you! Today, over 200+ store owners in Massachusetts are offering 4 Purpose Energy in their stores. And, as promised in last month's update, 4 Purpose Energy is now available in stores across Rhode Island.

We are also happy to report that our drink is doing well where it’s being sold. Yesterday, we received an email from our friend Daryle, who runs Bitty Bean in Bismarck, ND. Daryle told us that 4 Purpose Energy has been “killing it” for the past few weeks. We are always ecstatic to hear these kinds of stories. 

Last week, we published a picture of our new fridges on our facebook page. You can now find those fridges in select retail locations in and around Boston. Aren’t they awesome?!

From students, to park rangers, to corporate America, the number of new online shoppers discovering their new favorite organic energy drink is increasing daily. We have even had people contact us from across the globe in Australia looking for ways to purchase 4 Purpose Energy from down under. The fact that people from Australia have even heard of 4 Purpose Energy is incredible! To our Australian followers, one day you will be able to purchase 4 Purpose Energy online! 

April also marked the end of quarter one of 2017. We raised almost double the amount that we did during quarter four of 2016. To date, we have raised $1,960.00 towards the construction of a new school through Pencils of Promise. This figure puts us 5% closer toward our first campaign goal.  

None of this would be possible without you! We are really proud of our transparent relationship with our supporters, so starting this month, we are going to start taking you beyond the blog posts and share our world through videos.

Cheers to Your Health and See You on Youtube! 

The 4 Purpose Energy Team