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Bitty Bean: Energizing North Dakota With 4 Purpose Energy

Bitty Bean: Energizing North Dakota With 4 Purpose Energy

Bitty Bean: Energizing North Dakota With 4 Purpose Energy

North Dakota, known for it’s agricultural muscle, booming economy, and wilderness is also home to Bitty Bean, a Bismarck based artisan coffee, food, and beverage shop & drive-through. Owned by the Mindeman family, you can find Daryle Mindeman, owner and manager of Bitty Bean, brewing up concoctions and serving food from 7 AM to 2 Pm for customers. Bitty Bean offers fresh and locally blended coffees and organic roasts, house made flavors and drinks, a full line up of monin syrups as well as homemade and locally crafted bagels. And it now carries 4 Purpose Energy!

4 Purpose Energy at Bitty Bean

Daryle, who is focused on offering the highest quality ingredients and products to his customers, was searching for a healthier energy drink alternative to serve to customers. He reached out to us in December and expressed interest in carrying 4 Purpose Energy at Bitty Bean. We connected, worked out a plan, and made it happen.

A few weeks later, after a vicious snow storm that delayed shipments across the state, Daryle received the shipment somewhat frosty. In fact, Daryle told us that the 4 Purpose Energy cans arrived frozen solid due to the freezing temperatures in Bismarck. Prior to launch, we tested our cans and formulation's durability in extreme cold and hot environments. Luckily the temperature in North Dakota did not reach the extreme freezing temperatures that causes cans of 4 Purpose Energy to burst into popsicles. In any case, after Daryle brought the cans inside and allowed them to thaw, they were in perfect condition and tasted great!

Daryle Mindemen

Daryle told us, and we are proudly reporting back, that 4 Purpose Energy has become a popular item on his menu. In fact, the Bitty Bean went a step forward beyond offering 4 Purpose Energy by the can, by inventing the 4 Purpose Energy Fusion, a highly-requested specialty blend. "People who want that morning pick me up and don’t want coffee, opt for a 4 Purpose Energy Fusion” Daryle reported, shortly before putting us on hold during our call. After a few minutes of serving a customer, he was back on the phone with us announcing he had just sold two 4 Purpose Energy Fusions and a can for later. When we asked him the reason why customers are choosing the fusion, he stated: "They like the fusion because it tastes good, provides the boost they are looking for, and even does social good as an added benefit”. Indeed, in case you were not aware, we donate 10 cents from each can sold to organizations that promote education around the world. Our first campaign is to build a school for children through Pencils of Promise. You can join our cause by choosing 4 Purpose Energy, just like Daryle did. The Bitty Bean takes a personal approach, Daryle or anyone else working the window is always happy to make suggestions based on taste preference and what the drinker is used to. We recommend you try out the 4 Purpose Energy Fusion or a 4 Purpose Energy can by itself. You will not be disappointed!

Cheers to your health!

Photo Credits: Nicole Minuteman, Nutritionist On Staff at the Russian Olive.