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Local pizza business that will be missed.

Local pizza business that will be missed.

Local pizza business that will be missed.

In a charming historic small town south of Boston, Pizzigando has been serving delicious handmade pizzas since 1993. Chances are you have passed through the town of Sharon and Pizzigando on your way to Gillette Stadium to attend a Patriots game, or passed it on the train on your way to work. Owned by Phil and Billy Papadopoulos, Pizzigando is the local spot that every graduate of Sharon High School knows about. 

We stopped by Pizzigando for lunch and had the opportunity to sit down with Phil, the co-owner and head chef, to talk about food, his restaurant, and why he chose to offer 4 Purpose Energy to his customers. 

Phil runs the kitchen and the show. Good quality food is guaranteed in his kitchen. We highly recommend the pizza, the chicken caesar wrap, the buffalo chicken wrap, and the Gyro’s. If you fancy Greek food, this is the place to have it. Pizzigando serves authentic greek stuffed peppers and hot soups, among other delicacies.

We asked Phil what it takes to be a successful restaurant owner. In his view, it involves different steps and adhesion to several principles, but at the end of the day Phil believes that if you want to succeed in something, you have to believe in what you do. That is why he strives for quality, while keeping in mind his customers’ health and taste. For example, without giving away too many secrets, Phil told us that he only uses Poland Spring water for the pizza dough rather than tap water, in order to achieve a better tasting handmade pizza.  

Phil is very excited to be carrying 4 Purpose Energy at Pizzigando. Here is what he said about our product: “it’s organic, it tastes good, it’s local, and 4 Purpose Energy is in line with what I stand for.” Thank you Phil for your support!

If you live in Sharon, a neighboring town or are visiting, be sure to stop by Pizzigando for a meal and a delicious organic energy drink.

Cheers to your health,

4 Purpose Energy